Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Idling vs. R&R

I'm not so comfortable waiting, idling the engine, while anticipating a response or a reply or some action by someone else. It's a question of controlling my environment I suppose. There are many uncertainties in life, and many points at which one does not have direct control.

You can make the presentation, but you have to wait for the audience questions or the client's decision; You can build the display, turn on the lights, and open the doors, but you have to wait for the customers to arrive and make a purchase.

It's that time in-between that seems the longest. There are times to idle the engine, when you know your party is coming out soon, when finding a spot to park wouldn't be efficient.

But there are times when it's best to turn off the engine, go for a stroll in the park, smell the breeze, pet a dog, pick a flower, dip your toes into a fountain or a pond, lie back in the grass, shut your eyes, feel the sun on your cheeks, and dream.

Today's a day (mostly) for R&R. I do have that call from a reporter to take sometime today, to discuss my R&D business that has been idling for months. Might it be revived? Will one of the alternate paths I've been exploring take over instead? What will tomorrow bring? Or a year from now?

I settle in the grass, close my eyes, and let it all fade away, for now... Rest and relaxation and recuperation and rejuvenation and ... rrr ... zzz.


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