Wednesday, September 18, 2013


I would say, the hardest part by far about being an entrepreneur is the sense of isolation. But then... that's my experience. I can imagine, easily, as I see pictures of smiling groups highlighted in local business magazines, that entrepreneurship for many is a social activity. They say the solopreneur has an uphill battle. But I suspect the sense of isolation is the cause of my entrepreneurial bent rather than its consequence. Where are all those others, eager to collaborate?

Isolation is being alone in my home computer room, with five workstations or at my office with eight desks, at 7:00 am (sometimes 5:00 because I couldn't sleep) trying to catch the demons of the night as concrete ideas or actions, realizing that I do not have all the tools to make them reality, looking around and hoping that the dust bunnies will arise in wisps to lend a hand, then sighing at the dust, and seeing it traverse the floor only from my own exhale, finally getting started on something, anything, to stay active, knowing that the next adventure won't begin on its own.

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