Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Another extension... postponed

Senators Mary Landrieu and Olympia Snowe, chair and ranking member respectively of the Senate Committee on Small Business & Entrepreneurship co-sponsored S. 1513, which passed the Senate last Friday by unanimous consent, to extend yet again SBIR and various other SBA programs until September 30, preventing an expiration on July 31, when the last Continuing Resolution runs out. That makes three CRs in a row, rather than concrete resolution of the continuing saga of SBIR reauthorization.

Rumor has it that the House passed the same today by voice vote. However, the information available on OpenCongress, GovTrack and Thomas and elsewhere show that it was offered for debate on the floor of the House, with commentary by Nydia Velazquez and Glenn Thompson, that a voice vote was initiated, but that due to a point of order raised by Rep. Thompson regarding a lack of quorom, further action was postponed (via

There is confirmation that S.1513 was passed in the House by voice vote on 29 July 2009, keeping SBIR and some other SBA programs alive through the end of September.

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