Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Layoffs are not job creation!

So, with the news that Bank of America is laying off thousands of workers, it's difficult to understand the press by some of today's politicians to resist any effort to close tax loopholes, and require that citizens across the spectrum of incomes bear a fair share of the burden to patch up the nation's deficit and regain a strong footing moving forward. It's hard to see these large corporations as job creators as they are so often referred to. No, entrepreneurs and small businesses (many that grow into large businesses) are job creators. Multiple studies have shown that. New business creation is the most effective means to creating sustainable, and high-quality jobs. Counting minimum wage entry level positions as job creation is ludicrous! And coddling the behemoths that hire and fire in waves is not protecting or supporting job growth in this country.

Let's put forth a plan that will work: let's forge an Entrepreneurial America!

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