Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Corporate Welfare America

David Kocieniewski published an article in today's New York Times entitled "Where Pay for Chiefs Outstrips U.S. Taxes," reporting on a study that found many of the highest paid chief executives lead corporations with the lowest tax burden, despite bumper profits. Now, the issue here is not principally the widening income gap between rich and middle class. Putting aside whether a corporate CEO or any employee of a firm is worth $18m/year (which by the way translates to $8,653.85 per hour for a standard year of 2080... hell, let's give them the benefit of the doubt, they work hard, let's say 80 hours per week... well then, it's only $4,326.92/hour!), the notable finding is that current United States policy is "rewarding tax avoidance rather than innovation."
“We have no evidence that C.E.O.’s are fashioning, with their executive leadership, more effective and efficient enterprises,” the study concluded. “On the other hand, ample evidence suggests that C.E.O.’s and their corporations are expending considerably more energy on avoiding taxes than perhaps ever before — at a time when the federal government desperately needs more revenue to maintain basic services for the American people.”
That's something for the policy wonks in Washington to consider as they move ahead with tax reform and deficit reduction plans.

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