Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Angels Decreased Appetite for Seed and Startup Investing

Posted on Entrepreneurship.org: Angels Decreased Appetite for Seed and Startup.

Here's the alarming statistic:
Angels’ seed and start-up stage investing declined to its lowest level in several years...
The question remains: who will pick up the slack? Will SBIR be renewed at a moment in the economy when seed capital is most crucial?

More importantly, will the politicians elected to office in Washington (on both sides of the aisle) finally find the will and inspiration to alter the face of our economy, by shifting the focus from protecting jobs at large corporations to encouraging business creation?

We need more small businesses, that create jobs, and grow into large businesses. We need a new economy. We need innovation, and rejuvenation. Entrepreneurs do that. Let's mow down the weeds, and let entrepreneurs compete and thrive!

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