Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hidden Agenda in Supreme Court Decision?

No, I can't speak from any inside information, nor do I have the stomach to fathom or dissect the motivations of Supreme Court Justices. But the recent decision regarding campaign finance has a hidden impact that seems to be largely overlooked in the tumult of coverage:

Who has the most to gain from a greatly expanded and lucrative market for self-interested campaign ads?

I'll give you a hint: where will those ads appear? With all the widespread talk of trouble in the media world; with even Rupert Murdoch lambasting Google for republishing media content for free; newspapers dying; television advertising suffering...

Got the picture? Campaign ads provide a potential windfall for those advertising platforms currently suffering an immense reduction in revenues. The National Small Business Association implies as much in their reporting. Could the Supreme Court's ruling be influenced in part by the economic misery of traditional media? No telling. The results will likely speak for themselves!

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