Thursday, January 28, 2010

Updating company address in CCR

If you move the location of your offices, and try to update the information on the Central Contractor Registration, you might notice that the "physical address" fields are uneditable. If you call, the Federal Service Desk (866-606-8220) you may wait on hold for close to an hour, only to be told what I will tell you now:

Call Dun & Bradstreet directly at 866-705-5711.

The CCR gets their information from from D&B, which in turn gets their information from the relevant state registry. D&B will likely indicate that they can update the information manually, upon being furnished with appropriate documentation (e.g. a utility bill or bank statement for the company at the new address). But you should also update your company's information with the relevant state offices that handle registrations for companies and corporations. You will also need to login to CCR about 48 hours later, to confirm the updated information.

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